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Luxury Cat Cubby

Luxury Cat Cubby

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Made from high quality components that will please even the fussiest felines; the hand sewn box walls are removable, reversible and machine washable with a soft, plush carpeted base.

What cat doesn't love a cardboard box? Unfortunately they don't hold up too well over time so we made the next best thing for when they're finished with the box this was delivered in.

This piece will include our modular connections for the possibilty of future expansion. 

0.35x0.35m base, 0.4m high.

Please note: this piece requires slightly more assembly than the regular platforms (8 screws and attachment of the fabric cover via velcro)

This piece is suitable for 1 adult cat, if you would like a bigger box for multiple cats please let us know and we would be happy to accomodate you and your feline companions.

**Carpet style and colour may vary in accordance with a commitment to sustainability. 

This product is made to order with great care, the current arrival time is 4-6 weeks after order date.